In a previous posting, I presented a 4 box model to ‘up the ante’ on your team discussions.    One leader I presented it to, came up with the acronym – PASCUF. Another asked for additional questions to help deepen the reflection on those fundamental questions:

  • What are we most passionate about?
  • What do we most struggle with?
  • What are we curious about?
  • What are our fears?


So based on that feedback, I offer some powerful questions for stimulation.

Like any good coaching conversation though, what is important is what happens in the actual conversation, where the discussion flows through deep listening and courageous questioning.   That is true whether it is a conversation with ourselves or others!

But here is a starter for ten.


What are we most passionate about?

  • What do we get energised by?
  • What do we love?
  • What absorbs our attention?
  • What do we contribute most to?
  • What do we most want to be known for?
  • What brings us deep satisfaction?
  • What do we dream to do/achieve/be?
  • What are we proud of?
  • Where do we exceed expectations?
  • What brings us alive?

What do we struggle with?

  • Where do we get stuck?
  • What seems to be repeating but not improving?
  • What do we avoid noticing?
  • What blocks us from being our best?
  • What irritates/frustrates us?
  • What don’t we seem to ‘crack’?
  • What can’t we be bothered to fix/challenge/discuss?
  • Who/what is getting in the way?
  • What seems impossible?
  • What grinds us down?

What are we curious about?

  • What sparks our interest?
  • What would we benefit from knowing more about?
  • Where is the ‘unknown’ for us?
  • What are we discovering?
  • What conversations are we not having?
  • What do we need to explore within/out there?
  • What is the big question we need to ask ourselves/others?
  • What is so obvious we can’t see it?
  • Who would we love to talk to?
  • What is ‘stirring’ within us?

What are our fears?

  • What are we scared might happen?
  • What makes us anxious about the future?
  • What don’t we want?
  • What would be our ‘worst nightmare’?
  • What don’t we want to admit?
  • What is it that we don’t want others to know?
  • What frightens us most?
  • What do we lose sleep over?
  • What don’t we like in ourselves/others?
  • What is it we think we can’t handle?

What questions will you ask?





4 box model adopted from Nilsson, W  and Paddock T (2014) Social Innovation from the Inside Out

Thanks Pascal and Rachel for the extra inspiration.

Photo by Jon Eric Marababol on Unsplash

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