“And you?

When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”



Earth Converse will help you on this journey as you discover intimately expansive perspectives on your nature connection, leadership and collaboration.

Our experiential programme journeys are whole-system, mindful and nature-based in approach. Offering inspiration from ancient wisdom and traditions as well as current thinking, we encourage you to make sense of it all through your own lived experience.

Our fusion framework outlines 3 circling phases…

We invite in a new consciousness.
We take the next step…
We investigate in our mind, heart and body what it means for us…

You will be immersed in a way you may never have been before. It will be challenging and like a hero’s journey, will involve severance, threshold crossing and incorporation to return home with new gifts.

Throughout, you will experience new ways of perceiving, conversing and connecting. As well as a stronger ability to read, respond and revere the natural world.

You will emerge with a greater clarity about how to contribute to life affirming organisations and societies.

For sure, these journeys come to you at a time, when via a whisper or a roar in your ear, you know that as a conscious leader, a deeper connection with your own nature, and wider nature is what’s required.


If we surrended

To earth’s intelligence

We could rise up rooted, like trees

(from Book of Hours, II, 16 by Rainer Maria Rilke)