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“To know that a single hour 

spent in Nature 

contains the gem of a life story” 

(Steven Foster and Meredith Little).


Spending time alone is important for our creativity and healing.  To be solo in nature is even more so. Transformative for our sense of connection, belonging and perspective. It is something all the sages of the ages have known. And what we sense deep down. We need the support of our solitude to listen to our inner wisdom.  And nature with its purity holds us and helps us do that.

Yet many of us don’t do it.  Sometimes, we just need the encouragement to stop doing, and go into nature to just be.

As a way of aiding that nature connection, at Earth Converse we guide individuals and small groups to undertake solo experiences as part of a facilitated process. Solo Together.  To be in a shared circle, and to have a skilled guide to ‘hold the space’ and hear and mirror back your story, is an enriching moment for any life.

Solo Together will particularly resonate for those, who long to have some sacred time in nature but who may not feel comfortable venturing out on their own.  Or those who wish to experience a deeper connection with themselves, others and wider nature but maybe not feel sure how to do that. Or those who wish to nurture solitude and circle work as a conscious practice.

Join us!

Solo Together in Mallorca

Every Sunday (more or less)

(11:00 – 16:00 CET)

Location: Like a ‘pop-up’, we will inform you of the exact location a few days before.

We meet at 11:00am, and will have a hike to a beautiful spot. There, we will be in a circle conversation before and after the 2 hours solo time. The return walk further helps our reflections.


It can go ahead pretty much in any weather. Different weather evokes different things in us.  And as the saying goes, “there is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing”. Having said that, we are big on self-care so we may postpone/cancel in agreement with you.  Group size is limited to 8 persons. Contact us to enrol and obtain further details here:


€40 per person

A multi-hour conscious-raising and nature-bathing immersion

Expert facilitation from an accredited coach and experienced leadership consultant and guide

Embodied mindfulness and nature-based practices

People meeting, tribe creating, community nourishing, network opportunity

A tailored #earthconverse podcast episode to support learning


Sunrise to Sunset

This is a longer conscious practice of being solo in nature, from sunrise to sunset.  Called a ‘medicine walk’ in some traditions, this modern day equivalent is a ‘nature insight walk’ –  a self-lead opportunity for you to open up to different ways of being in connection with nature, including your own true nature.  

We give you a tailored made #earthconversepodcast episode in advance to help you get the most out of the experience, safely.  And also offer a Zoom call to ‘top and tail’ your journey, to support intentionality and learning.

Timings are mutually agreed between us.  

This version of the #solotogether is offered on a donation basis.  

To register interest contact us here 

Simply curious?

If you would like to know more about Solo Together generally or have it tailored to your needs and timing, also please contact us here.

Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash