The challenges you have are both unique to you and universally shared. 

And you are looking for someone to help you reflect on how to navigate your way at this critical point in our lives.

Earth Converse will provide the space, stimulus and support for this inner conversation through 1:1 conversations taking a whole-system, mindful, nature-based and outdoor coaching approach.

It will be a sacred pause in your life. A time to use your reset buttons and give attention to yourself. To unscramble the thoughts in your head. And feel into what is true in your heart. Tuning into your inner nature, accessing your own, perhaps forgotten wisdom, you will emerge with greater clarity about who you are and what you are to do. To best serve people and planet.

(If you are in Mallorca, the invitation is usually to take the coaching conversation outdoors. Even if you are not, there will be that option!) 

So let’s start the conversation, here.


And Coaches 

And if you are a coach or are wanting to be and would like to learn about or be supported with, the Earth Converse approach, similarly please get in touch and..







Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash