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“We are talking only to ourselves. 

We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and the stars.

We have broken the great conversation.

By breaking that conversation we have shattered the universe”

(Thomas Berry).


Launched on Earth Day 2020 the #earthconversepodcast is a unique contribution to the life-affirming narrative of our times.

An anthology of 50 episodes with a bonus series of future visualisations, it is an eclectic and empowering mix of stories,  perspectives and practices all engaging with the great conversation.

The one where we talk about our relationship and conversations with the earth. How do we converse with the earth? What does that even mean? What conversations are we having and which do we need to have?

All in the hope of inspiring a deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home. To serve life in its fullest.

Grab a journal, go deep, spread the seeds, leave a review,  share the podcast and your learnings.

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E1 A Conversation Starter:  how do you view nature?

E2 Taking it to the land:   when have you turned to the nonhuman world for inspiration, connection and belonging?.

E3 Planet of the Humans:  how long do you think we humans have?

E4 Emerald North:  ready to flow like a river?

E5 Tara Brach: what will it take to have us collectively awaken to the suffering of the earth?

E6 Petra Lentz-Snow: what seeds are you watering?

E7 Gemma Polo Pujol:  are you burning to find out what life is about?

E8 Roy White: how do we restore our natural balance?

E9 Katrien Deboutte:  what is it to have an intimate love relationship with nature?

E10 Christiane Frischmuth: how are you nurturing your roots and wings?

E11 The long journey into yourself: “and you? when will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

E12 Diana Bacanu: does this story of corporate disconnection feel familiar?

E13 A wise person: what did they once do?

E14 Ray Hillis:  what is it to embrace our shadow?

E15 Jennifer Porter:  why should we take time for self-reflection (even if we hate doing it)?

E16 Thurstan Crockett: what’s your path to sustainability?

E17 Scot Deily: when will you invite in your ancestors?

E18 Going Solo in Nature: what is your experience of going solo in nature?

E19 Jeannie Daly-Gunter: how do we have conscious partnerships?

E20 Lynda Aldridge: how are you living your passions?

E21 Jim Marsden: how do you find alignment?

E22 Calvan Daniels:  what is your journey into adultship?

E23 Malu, Tess and Lily: how are you embracing your weirdness?

E24 Poetry in our lives: what part does poetry play in your life?

E25 The Reset Button:  how do you reset?

E26 David Williams: what impact would you like to have?

E27 Cori Wright Deily: how are you stepping into your wholeness?

E28 The Camel, The Lion, and The Child:  what does this story evoke in you?

E29 Ray Hillis:  what realities are you exploring?

E30 Lorraine Smith: what is your story in the system?

E31 Susanne Haegele: where are you putting the responsibility for your wellbeing?

E32 Future Self: who is your future self?

E33 Julia Middleton: what vision are you putting into action?

E34 Luigi Viscardi: what are you selling? and learning?

E35 Sophia Style: what cycles are you recognizing and honoring within you?

E36 Ceremony (in Covid19 times):  what ceremonies are you longing for?

E37 Pauline Scanlon: what choices are you making?

E38 Emma Taylor: what is your knowing?

E39 Maria Alvarez: how is your landing?

E40 Bill Plotkin: when will you take the descent to soul?

E41 A Soulcraft practice: what are your practices to explore your soul’s mysteries? 

E42 Jean-Claude Pierre:  how are you thinking differently?

E43 Jonathan Stevens: what is your people and place lifeline?

E44 Belief in Potential: are you a believer in potential?

E45 Penelope Mavor: what background stories do you weave?

E46 Emilie Janda: what is your intuition intention?

E47 Mirjam Wagner: how are you embracing life?

E48 Nando García Ferreiro: to what end? 

E49 Martina Tadli: what is your ‘covid inspired’ nature re-connection story?

E50 Naturing Our Mind Is A Political Act


Bonus series!

As of August 2022, there is a bonus series offering guided future visualizations.

To help us step into life-affirming futures for ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home.

The introduction

Future Cities Visualization 

Planet Earth Visualization 

Visualizing the climate we want

Visualizing a life-enhancing-life biosphere

Visualizing Industrial healing

Visualizing the communities we want

Visualizing Nature connectedness 

Visualizing the Awakened Feminine (Medicine Woman)

Visualizing our own death

Visualizing Family

Visualizing your future self