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Are you truly committed to

unleashing positive potential?


Earth Converse offers an integrated journey for leaders who know their role is to develop others for the good of the organisation and planet.

Coaching is one of the most important contemporary leadership practices. Its mindsets, heartsets, skills and techniques that bring a person’s ideas into consciousness are fundamental for our individual, organisational and societal evolution.

To learn how to coach with nature as our source, guide, supervisor and stakeholder is even more potent and transformative.

We are not separate from what we hurt or what we want to save.  This journey reminds us of what and who we care about. And what we can and must do.


You will return from your coaching development journey:

  • with an expanded mind, heart and skillset to be the leader you are capable of being
  • inspired to make a more impactful contribution to sustainability conversations
  • feeling rejuvenated from self-care and widening your circle of care
  • having experienced practical and inspirational sustainable related coaching
  • grown a network of connected conscious leaders who care for the world
  • equipped to apply for formal coaching accreditations

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  • heading 1What Makes This Special

    The specialness of this journey is that it is:

    For the world. It is dedicated to developing leaders’ ability to coach and release potential within themselves, their teams, the sustainability sector and the world.

    Lived and alive. Coaching cannot be taught in a book.  Nature cannot be experienced through reading nature books. We have to live them. This journey will be highly experiential, rooted in the elements and conversation. And critically it will be focused on perception and behavioural change.  People pass on the love, and coach others.

    Immersive and Expansive.  It is a fully immersive intimate residential experience. Rather than a collective of 2-day modular coaching workshops, this journey calls for you to absorb yourself in learning and connection. You will be with yourself, peers and nature in one concentrated, ultimately efficient! experience.  Based in one location, one rich in a diversity of natural environments will allow you to deep dive into that experience. The expansiveness comes with the reinforcement of 1:1 mentoring, group learning and solo work post retreat. In this way learning is lived, sustained and applied.

    Holistic.  It provides a holistic experience focused on widening circles of care.  Highly practical and deeply soulful, this journey explores how we self-care as coaches. Through rest, plant-based meals, meditation and exercise and conversations.  We will care for each other during our time together, and the surrounds we are in.

    A fusion of virtual and face to face. It reflects the nature of the ‘roots and wings’ existence of a global, multicultural, interconnected world. Therefore we will connect well in person as well as virtually and communicate across boundaries.

    Aligned: It fulfils the criteria of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards.  The first programme will be accredited retrospectively. This will be important if leaders are interested in applying for individual accreditation in the future.

    More than: The parts are great and the sum is greater than its parts.  It is more than a learning experience; more than coaching training; more than ICF standard; more than a retreat; more than a personal development course; more than a nature experience; more than a sustainable leaders network.  It is an opportunity to be more than what we believe we are capable of, individually and collectively.

  • heading 2For Leaders Who

    This journey will be for those leaders:

    who are committed to unleashing human potential and creating regenerative societies:

    • conscious CEOs looking to authentically embody sustainable leadership
    • HR or L&D professionals looking for profound ways to develop talent
    • experienced coaches who want to deepen their practice under the supervision of nature or are curious about a nature based coaching approach
    • cross sector leaders in sustainability wanting to create collective momentum
    • individuals interested to become a coach or to be accredited
    • consultants working in organisations who want to develop coaching mindset and skills in context of organisational and societal challenges
    • those who have emerged from COVID19 with a longing to connect with themselves, others and the earth
  • heading 3Journey Elements

    The journey will involve a weaving of these elements:

    • Solo work: Before, during and after the retreat, there will be self-study to deepen self-awareness and mission as a coach.  These include nature-based practices, reflection and contemplation, journaling, coaching perspective assignments and practice (minimum 12 hours)
    • Retreat: A 7-day holistic immersive in-person in-nature experiential learning experience focused on self-care, exploring consciousness and competencies, practicing coaching and gaining collective momentum (min 56 hours including 6 hours observation of coaching in real time)
    • 1:1 mentor coaching: Supervision where the ‘coach gets coached’ on their coaching. To deepen reflection and embed learning as a professional (4 one-hour sessions virtually or in person)
    • Group supervision: Collective supervision where the coaches reflect on their coaching practice and share learning. So supported and challenged by each other and a PCC Accredited lead facilitator (3 x 2-hour webinars).
    • Coaching perspectives: Exploring the range of coaching perspectives to enhance your knowledge base (3 x 2-hour webinars)
  • heading 4Our Approach

    We take a whole-system, mindful and nature-based approach, drawing on ancient wisdom and evidence based scientific practices.

    To use the tree as a metaphor, the journey will be where:

    The roots are the fundamentals, exploring the axiom, ‘who we are is how we coach’. This will be about self-exploration, and will extend to exploring key mindsets, heartsets and skills including setting the environment (context, contracting, coaching ethics and standards), mindsets (consciousness and responsibility). As well as the fundamentals of curiosity and listening.

    The trunk is relationship, for coaching is in the relationship.  We therefore explore the facets of relationship with self, others and the world including presence, understanding transactions, spotting and liberating patterns, expanding clear communication abilities and the difference between empathy and compassion.

    The branches expand and deepen skill and mindsets. They include powerful questioning, storytelling and mirroring, metaphors and mystery, goal setting and feedback, change and transitions, monitoring and accountability and nature-based coaching.

    The leaves are the unlimited perspectives and skills we can draw on and weave through as coaches.  These included adult learning, emotional and cultural intelligence, ecopsychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, transactional analysis, constellations, mindfulness, team development theory…

    To continue with the tree metaphor, we help prepare the ground in the solo work prior to the retreat, attend fully to the whole tree in the residential, and keep nurturing and pruning through the mentoring and collective input sessions.

    A way we will be exploring the competencies in our immersive experience will be through the lens of the Four Shields. An eco-psychological way and adult learning tool to understand our human nature in relationship with the world.

    For example, some of the experiential elements to bring the competencies alive as mapped out against the Shields will be:


    GROW model, purpose and process steps, feedback and gratitude


    shadow work, nature as mirror, life scripts, boundary setting


    vision and visualisation techniques, future self meditation, silence and stillness


    somatic awareness, innocent walks, embodied practice, intuition

  • heading 5Lead Guide

    The lead will be Earth Converse founder, Penelope Mavor.  She holds ICF’s PCC Accreditation. And has over 25 years international experience in sustainability and leadership, 15 years of which has involved leadership coaching and developing leaders as coaches.

    Amongst her qualifications and experience,  she holds 2 Masters including an MBA in International Business (Italy) and a Masters of Business and Corporate Coaching (Italy) and is a Vipassana meditator.  She co-delivered the Lane4/Middlesex Open Coaching Programme and has trained and co-guided with the School of Lost Borders and Southwest Passages.

  • heading 6Contribution

    No coaching experience is necessary. The main requirement is an open heart, mind and will.

    Your contribution will be €5195 incl VAT (excluding your own travel).

    If this sparks your interest,  please contact us directly or fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.

    At enrolment,  we will ask you to pay in full immediately.  If you wish to spread the fee over a number of months, we can come to an agreement, with no extra fees.

    Bursaries are available to enable a diverse range of leaders to join.

    For your peace of mind, we offer a 14 days full-refund cancellation period after enrolment.

  • heading 7Key Dates

    To provide a balance between certainty and flexibility, the 1:1 mentoring, group supervision and virtual collective webinar dates are set in agreement with participants whilst the retreat dates are fixed.

    With Covid19 restrictions we are waiting to release dates.  Please contact us to register interest and we will contact you when dates are confirmed.

  • heading 8Your Next Step

      If you require an invoice, please provide your invoicing address
      If you have any disabilities or learning difficulties you wish to share, please do it here
      You will receive confirmation by email after submitting your form.

    Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash