Am looking at you enlightened executive!

Are you willing to step up to your people and planet responsibilities?


I am Penelope Mavor, founder of Earth Converse and this is an invitation to take an intimately expansive approach to your leadership and organisation.

One that deepens and broadens your perspectives. And enhances creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.  Contributing to life-affirming systems and societies.

One grounded in, supported and inspired by, a deep connection with yourself, others and the earth.

For nature inspires us to be visionary, transformational and regenerative.  To reconnect with its wisdom, is to reconnect with ourselves.

To courageously step into the change the world needs, contact us HERE.


About Me

My own intimately expansive journey has taken me from New Zealand, United Kingdom, Italy and now Spain.  With a background in sustainable development, and a drive for integration, I have supported leaders across continents, cultures and sectors for over 25 years.

I have had the fortune of working with internationally recognized experiential leadership organisations. Such as Common Purpose, Lane4, Impact International and School of Lost Borders.  This has nurtured a strong interest and skillset in collaboration, cooperation and partnerships. Something I celebrate in showcasing other people’s work as host of the #earthconversepodcast. As well as doing what I can to create the #earthconversecommunity.

Passionate about coaching, I am accredited with ICF as PCC. You may see this also come through in my questioning and mirroring on the podcast. And you will see my appetite for academic rigour (I hold 3 Masters and a PostGraduate Certificate) and being a lifelong learner through my writings on the #earthconverseleadershipblog

…such as…



Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash