Are you willing to turn up and evolve through your relationship with nature?

We believe this is at the core of individual and global consciousness. Fundamental for realising people potential and leaving the world a better place.

Founded by Penelope Mavor, Earth Converse is a nature-based leadership collaborative.  Working in dynamic ways to encourage you, as leaders, to have the conversations you need to. In order to enhance consciousness and connection. With yourself, with others and the earth.

We take a whole-system, mindful and nature-based approach to our conversational work with leaders across boundaries.  This means we help you see your unique true nature,  your part to play in in the world, and your challenges and gifts through a wider interconnected lens of nature’s wisdom.

Offering leadership coaching, facilitation and development journeys we work at an individual, team and organisational level.  In soulful and practical ways.  And with the #earthconversepodcast we are the only ones explicitly talking about our conversations and relationship with nature, in this way.



Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash