“What am I to do with my one, wild, precious life?”  

How can I experience Mallorca in a unique and conscious way? 

Nestled in the heart of this enchanting paradise called Mallorca, I often find myself overwhelmed with a profound sense of privilege. Living amidst the natural wonders of this island is magical.

Yet, my true honor lies in sharing the magic with —those who call this place home, and those who are fortunate enough to visit. Inviting you to embrace the essence of nature, immerse yourselves so your senses come alive. Where you feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze, inhale the intoxicating scents of pine, rosemary, and orange blossom, traverse the rugged landscapes, savor the sweetness of the land, and discover the path to your desired future.

In my mission to help us reconnect with ourselves and the earth and create transformative experiences, here are two exceptional journeys alongside the offerings of coaching and facilitating earthconverse nests:

🌟 Mallorca Mirror – A 2.5-hour guided adventure that takes you on a deep sensory exploration, revealing the profound reflections nature holds for your life.

🌟 Solo Together – An immersive, 6-hour nature-based coaching experience. This sacred journey is designed around a micro vision-quest, a powerful stepping stone towards the life you’ve always yearned for.


If you feel the call, call!