What am I not yet seeing and feeling?

How can I live my best life? 

And how can I positively contribute to people and place? 

Imagine stepping into a world where time seems to stand still, and nature becomes your guide, your mirror, and your muse.

The Mallorca Mirror is an invitation to embark on a “nature upgrade” like no other.

In the enchanting embrace of Mallorca’s nature, with an experienced guide who understands the profound connection between inner and outer journeys, you will change the way you see the world and your place in it.  Where you will be amazed at the way nature mirrors your own essence and reveals the wisdom it holds for you.

You will emerge rejuvenated, and resourceful, ready to not only better care for yourself but also to extend that care to others and our shared home, the Earth. This isn’t just about enhancing your own life; it’s also about recognizing your role in improving the world around you.


  • nature connection pathwaysWhat does it involve?

    You will be fully immersed in the beauty of Mallorca’s nature for 2.5 hours under the care of an expert guide.

    It isn’t just a stroll in the woods; it’s a profound experience of sensing, a dance with the elements, and an exploration of the incredible gifts that nature reflects back to you and your life. You will uncover the secrets the land holds, secrets that resonate deeply with your own journey.

    You’ll learn the art of “earthconversing,” a practice that fosters intentional communion with nature, igniting a sense of inspiration, connection, and belonging. You’ll aliven your senses, and open to the beauty in, not just round you. You will rediscover your curiousity, innocence and playfulness. You’ll even practice walking softly on the earth and indulge in soulful activities that resonate with your inner self.

    But the magic doesn’t end when the experience concludes. We provide you with follow-up integration resources, ensuring that the newfound wisdom and inspiration stay with you, guiding your actions long after you’ve left.

    Are you ready to upgrade your connection with nature, yourself, and your place in the world? Join us to take the next step toward living your best life while positively contributing to people and planet.



  • Who guidesWho guides?


    I am Penelope Mavor, founder of Earth Converse and I will be your guide alongside nature.

    My background includes over 25 years in sustainability, leadership development and facilitation.  I am an accredited coach and I will help you with your inner journey and nature reconnection. Through sparking your own awareness, listening deeply and sharing earthconversing tips and facilitating your learning. And being available to be your coach for part of your onward journey.

  • when and whereWhen and Where?

    The Mallorca Mirror experience awaits you!

    It is offered as an open invitation to individuals/groups/teams so you can suggest dates and times, and we will find one that is mutually convenient.

    ( I am sorry but there will be no availability from now till February 2024 as I am off earthconversing in New Zealand!)

    Suggested dates are also available via AirBnB experiences https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/4659611

    It takes place in the magical place of Puigpunyent, in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Tramuntana.   You will want to have a certain level of confidence and fitness for the hiking. Just bring yourself, some extra layers, and your own water.

    And please note: it goes ahead pretty much in any weather. Different weather evokes different things in us.  And as the saying goes, “there is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing”.

    Having said that, we are big on self-care so we may postpone/cancel in agreement with you.

  • sign upSounds great. What is the next step?

    Molt bé! To reserve a place, email info@earthconverse.com and you will receive details including how to pay.

    As a guided experience with refreshments, it is offered at €55* per person.


    (You may want to use it as an introduction to the more intensive solo together experience we offer on the island)

    *(If the cost is the only reason you choose not to register, please reach out and name what you can afford. No one will be turned away because of a lack of resources).