As it happened, a space on the retreat I intended to go on, didn’t become available..but through a lovely coincidence a friend told me about a one day sitting in Bologna.  I didn’t get a confirmation from the organisers, but I decided to show up anyway.

Woody Allen said 80% of success is showing up.

I guess there is showing up and then there’s showing up.

We can show up and be physically present.   And we can show up physically, emotionally, intellectually, fully.

Being on a meditation cushion reminds us of exactly that.

When we really show up, we are completely present,  in our wholeness, with purpose and commitment.

It is when we show up in the office on a Monday morning ready to start the working week.

It is when we show up to really listen to the earth.

It is when we show up to have that conversation.

It is when we show up despite our fears.

It is when we show up to the one we love.

It is when we show up and absorb ourselves in what we love doing.

It all starts with showing up.

As Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter summarises…

Show up. Speak up. Team up. Never give up. Lift others up. Things will look up.


Photo by David Monje on Unsplash


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