I wasn’t there.

I lived in Roma at the time, with a view of St. Peter’s dome. But I wasn’t there for the historic event to see the famous white smoke rise from the Sistine chapel to signal that Pope Francis had risen to the top of the pack.

Despite my pleasure to be where I was (in Zurich, with lovely people,  to help facilitate a global leadership programme) and my non-religious status, I did find myself agreeing to those who said “it is a shame you weren’t there”.

Not being there.

Which made me muse …that in fact what is more of a shame is all the times I am not…here.

Really here.

Like fully in the moment.

Absolutely in the now.

Not digging like an archaeologist

Trying to find clues to events of the past

Nor speculating like a futures trader

Imagining all those scenarios in time too fast.

Not being a wrestler of one’s thoughts

Nor a storyteller of the mind

But being an observer of it all

Non judging, compassionate and kind .

Not being an auditor of feelings

Nor a commentator on the brain

But being in the present

Accepting it all, from joy to pain.

Being fully aware and tuned to

What is going on inside and around

Not being the duty-person-in-charge

Of thoughts lost and found.

Not filtering through past experiences

Nor trapped in an attitude or belief

But seeing it all as if for the first time

Such freshness brings wonder and relief.

Not being on automatic pilot

But open to choices the moment provides

Being attentive but without attachment

Free of judgements, shame or otherwise.

Yes, such beauty is to be discovered

When we can really stay in the now

Remaining curious to what emerges

Being able to surrender and allow.

So although it may be fun to be there

It cannot compare to the richness

Of what it is to be here.

So to practice what comes to us naturally.


Photo by David Monje on Unsplash


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