Did you get the Earth Converse global invitation for each of us to commit to a daily future visualization?

As part of it, there is a now a bonus series of short guided contemplations on the #earthconversepodcast.

To help you step into life-affirming futures for yourself, each other and the earth that is our home.

And this particular episode is on visualizing and honouring our biosphere, and activating our reverence and life-enhancing-life qualities as humans. Listen here, on your favourite platform and/or read below.

Future visualizations

By future visualization, I mean by engaging your imagination and feeling into it with all your senses.   Like a sports athlete visualizing a race before they do it, they create the neural pathways and physiological state as if was happening in the present. Indeed the future is already here, the caterpillar holds the imago of the butterfly, the acorn longs to be an oak.

If you prefer guidance, you can use these earth converse future meditations, which offer prompts as stimuli.   I know the prompts may come too dense, fast or too slow, that they may or may not fit you. But may they stir your own visions, dreams, longings and truth. Work with them in a way which feels right for you.

The focus for this episode as mentioned, is the biosphere. The worldwide sum of all ecosystems. Our zone of life on Earth.   Nature is always life affirming, even in death and decomposition it acts in service of life.  As humans we can activate this part of ourselves.

Visualization practice

So let’s take some moments to visualize and honour our biosphere, and activate our reverence and life-enhancing-life qualities.

I invite you to get comfortable and close your eyes if that feels right.

Maybe take a few long, deep breaths to come into the present.

Invigorating on the inbreath, relaxing on the outbreath.

And feel the aliveness in your own body.

Life supporting life.

Feel your grounding, connecting with the lithosphere, the terrestrial component of the biosphere, you feel your own body as a physical mass, feeling your connection with earth.

And from this state, visualize all the diverse land forms. Mountains, forests, deserts, grasslands; all the variations, all there, all life enhancing life.

Feel the blood, salvia, moisture in your own body, as you visualize a vibrant hydrosphere, all the waters of the Earth, the bloodstream of the biosphere. 

Your own tears taste the same as the sea.

Immerse yourself in visualizing glaciers, the ocean, seawaters, freshwater of rain, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, wetlands, coral reefs– all being, flowing, regulating, nurturing, balancing, cleansing.

All life-enriching life.

As you breath, feel the air play through your body, connecting with the atmosphere that sustains life. 

The air keeping you, me, all of us, alive breath by breath.  

Nurturing us, pumping life, protecting life. 

Visualize clean fresh air available all around the globe, from home to home, city to city, country to country.  

Beyond borders.

Life-affirming life.

As you feel the different sensations in your own body, connect with the diversity of all life. 

Plants, animals, microorganisms, insects, humans.

Offer your grateful awe to the aliveness, beauty and magnificence of it all.

Every being and nonbeing having a role in life creating life.

A role in life-enhancing-life.

And give your deep gratitude to the diverse forms of food, fuel and fibre which are available for our responsible and devotional use.  

And honoring all the nutrients in air, earth and water, able to recycle in perfect balance.  

Visualize all the grand caretakers being revered and supported, human and nonhuman, indigenous communities and like the whale and the wolf all experts at life enhancing life.

A world where all our interactions and relationships with ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home are tendered in love.

Visualize the earth in harmony, life enriching life. 

Visualize yourself in harmony, life enriching life.


And now, bring to mind a place, a habitat that is important to you.  It could be your home, garden, in the inner city or in a virgin forest, a pond or a beach, a park or a mountain top, wherever.   

Feel yourself in its presence.

Give attention to its form, textures, smell, sounds, the tastes it evokes. 

Notice all the life in and around it.  

The land, the water, the air, the beings and non-beings.

Notice what emotions are evoked in you. 

Give thanks to its presence and meaning in your life.

And imagine yourself doing all you can to add to its aliveness, its beauty, its magnificence.

Breath into the possible actions you can take in your own life now.

Breath into them with every cell of your body.


Coming back to your senses, open your eyes and carry this life generating life knowing in your service, to yourself, each other and the earth that is our home.


  • I will be visualizing you committing to the practice, sharing this with those you love, rating and reviewing it positively on your favourite platform and reaching out to me at earthconverse to work with you and your team.
  • These visualizations are also now available on the meditation app Insight Timer
  • Thank you to Charles Eisenstein’s expressions of ‘grateful awe’ and ‘devotional use’
  • Thanks for photo by Shaun Low on Unsplash


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