It is always humbling to realise when you don’t take your own advice.

I am a leadership coach helping people manifest the future they want.  As someone who loves conversations that are future-orientated, I enjoyed passing on the future self episode of the #earthconversepodcast.  I often talk about how re-imagining the future is an important part of earthconversing, and for naturing our mind as a leadership and political act.  I meditate daily and spend hours in contemplation but I have realized.

That I rarely visualize and fully feel into the collective future that I want for #peopleandplanet. Like in a sports performer way, when you fully feel into it with all your senses.

Do you?

Powers, possibilities and responsibilities

We are homo imaginens as Dr Geneen Marie Haugen, coined.  We have this incredible ability to self reflect and imagine.  In the face of the unknown, we can visualize what is possible. The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, as Charles Eisenstein beautifully says. For we can positively co-create with the world of which we are part.

To dedicate time, energy and attention for positive visualization is within our powers.   And our responsibility.

We have the gift to imagine life-enriching regenerative futures.  And yes, as Possible Futures dedicated to the Global South remind us, the s, the plurality is important. No one has the final say on what the future is.  It is up to each of us, individually and collectively, to explore what the future may look, feel, sound, smell and taste like.  Where we embrace pluriversality and create a world in which many worlds fit.

As author of Designing Regenerative Cultures Daniel Wahl has consistently said, walking the regenerative path is about reconnecting with and manifesting the inherent potential of people in place to thrive individually and collectively as expressions of that place.   And Nate Hagen’s recent Great Simplification video again urges us to engage in our future, “we will need imagination, foresight, empathy and above all wisdom to navigate the path to the future that is arriving…start conversations about a different path with your family and community”.

Since talking to Sarah Climenhaga on her Creating a Parallel Society, I have committed myself to a regular conscious practice of visualising the future society I want to serve.

Invitation for the rest of our lives

And I am inviting you to join in.   To do a 10 minute visualization every day (every bit helps).  I will do it at 19:00 CET.  You choose when suits you, knowing that we are energetically engaging in this.

To help you in the process, I am creating a series of future visualizations as a bonus series on the #earthconversepodcast.  (Let me know what topics you want to explore too).

And may the future beautifully inform what your present self can do today.


*Thanks to Pea Horsley, founder of The Pride – who invited a global visualization-prayer-meditation recently to visualise the Animals and Lands cooling and thriving life being experienced among all species.



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Lizzie Leigh
4 months ago

This has seeded such an enriching new practise. Thank you.