If ever there was a time for awakening the feminine within, it is now, is it not?

Indeed women all around the world are awakening to their own feminine powers. We are reconnecting with the cyclical experience of the feminine, reclaiming hidden suppressed parts of ourselves and rediscovering a source of inner power and ancestral wisdom that is transforming our vision of womanhood.

As a result of an autumn pause and no doubt helped by a Libran sun, I have entered into a new collaboration. In the form of being an affiliate with Mujer Cíclica/Cyclical Woman run by Sophia Style and Gemma Polo who I know and adore, and who have been an important part of my journey.   I interviewed Gemma on episode 7 of the earthconversepodcast, and Sophia on episode 35

I participated in their first English edition of their self study online programme Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre, which they talked about on the podcast.  A programme which opened my heart and perspectives.  And given its impact on me, I would like to pass this treasure on to you.

Medicine Woman: online programme

What resonates most about the programme for me, is that it is born from the earth, the healing power of nature and rooted in ancestral feminine spirituality. And prioritises deep self love and self care to access our own medicine, our own resourcefulness, creativity, expression, intelligence, wisdom and spirit.

I believe we best serve people and planet, through deepening our connection with ourselves and wider nature. And this programme profoundly and simply, beautifully nurtures that. Through introducing us to nature-based practices, videos, guided meditations and visualizations, bodywork practices, creative activities, medicine songs, rituals and ceremonies.  There is also an option to take an additional facilitator module which, for me has been invaluable. As it has enabled me to incorporate the learnings into my coaching and leadership work.

In being a 28 day programme, it explicitly connects us with the cycle of the moon, inviting us into reflection and action, giving and receiving, being and doing. And shines light on the female archetypes within, like the shamana, wise woman, maiden and mother.

I encourage you to go on this inner adventure, with the next group of curious women.  Use my affiliate link here or direct message me for it, to access information and sign up.

My additional offer to you

As a bonus add-on, in using the affiliate link, I offer you a free 60 minute coaching call with me after you complete the programme. This will help you further incorporate the learnings, so that they continue to live with and through you. In service of yourself, others and the earth that is our home.

As another add on, here is the visualization I created as part of the #earthconversevisualizations. On the Awakened Feminine: Medicine Woman.  It is available on all your favourite platforms, including the earthconverse youtube channel.

It is in 3 parts:

🌀0:00-2:26 An introduction to earthconverse visualizations

🌀2:27 – 6:31 An overview and offer related to the progamme, Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre.

🌀From 6:32 – A visualization of the awakened feminine, the Medicine Woman as envisaged by Mujer Cíclica/Cyclical Woman©.


Both Mujer Cíclica/Cyclical Woman and I look forward to hearing from you.

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