I recently initiated a daily future visualization.

Consider this your personal invitation to join in on a regular conscious practice of visualizing the future society you want to serve.

I am visualizing people all around the world doing it.  With me at 19:00 CET or whenever you can.

A chance to update, as they say. To open to ‘new’ data and information and co-create our individual and collective transformation.

So an update on the updating.

Creating conversations

Well, to start it has certainly sparked conversations amongst family and friends. Initially it was a tense time with both my sisters, who in similar words, echoed each other to say how they have genuine fears for their childrens’ future.  They are not alone. And this is the point – nothing is certain, but let’s do what we can to create positive futures.

Tea-loving, writing and wild rhyming creature Lizzie Leigh jumped on the visualization idea and tweeted #positivefutures and #possiblefutures as she went about her day.  You may want to use hers as prompts:

  • Fresh air for all which tastes like the clearest mountain stream
  • Soaking the image of carparks overgrown with nutritious ‘weeds’, bar a couple of spaces of communal eco-travel vehicles
  • 10 minutes of belly laughing and hearing the sound of laughter resound throughout the land
  • A world where time-keeping is left up to nature and our bodies

And B.Lorraine Smith who so generously shares what she finds on the path towards an economy where all industries heal, used the invitation to ‘hone the skill and take it up a notch’.  For me, her holiday road trip piece, wonderfully illustrates the choices we have available. In any moment, we can choose to enhance our consciousness, heal and orientate ourselves to a positive pathway. She used her trauma triggering trip to visualize “our current roads and highways deconstructed and allowed to re-evolve in a much more life-aligned way”.

As she wrote, “there is great power in holding a vision of what we would rather see, instead of staring at what we don’t want”.

Communities of care

When I posted it on the NAAS (New and Ancient Story community created by Charles Eisenstein)  it was unsurprisingly meet with enthusiasm.  We even have a group called ‘future visioning’.  To feel into and completely marinate in, the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, is possible and within our control.

That is the thing.  The future is in the present. The caterpillar holds the imago of the butterfly.  Sometimes for my visualisation, I just supersize what is happening already. Yesterday our gorgeous pueblo had the fundraising run for child cancer organisation Aspanob, which typically marks the start of fiesta season.  A complete community generated and organized event to celebrate life. Little legs, old legs, tired legs, hot legs all involved.  Faces of joy, determination, effort and exhilaration. All generations gathering to run, organize, cheer, feed, direct traffic, take photos, give water, throw water, gift prizes.  Individuals going beyond their own bubble to contribute to the collective.  To build on that love and care, to visualize other communities having that experience,  warms my heart.

What are you visualizing?








Thank you to Craig Pattenaude on Unsplash

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