My niece turned 7 yesterday. As tradition has it, her mum and dad tell the story of her birth.

Do you know your own birth story?

And as an adult have you reflected on how it has influenced your view of the world and your relationship with it?

I am fascinated about how our early years shape our brain and nervous system. How they influence our ways of being and behaving.  And how we can change them.

Several years ago I did a retreat explicitly exploring early imprints with Charisse Basquin and Mary Jackson. There, we explored how it is possible to access and alter those patterns. And to create new imprints which are healing and empowering.

So it was refreshing to hear the likes of Aubrey Marcus talking about his birth story experience on episode #330 of his podcast.

And of course it made me think wider.  How as coaches, we help leaders get curious about new pathways they can literally step into. Pathways which help them feel a greater connection with themselves, the people they lead and the world they serve.

At any age, we can choose regeneration.  We have the potential to change our imprints, our stories about ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home.


Thank you to  Chris Lawton on Unsplash  for the photo.

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