I love the solstice.   Is it Nature’s best paradox joke?.  In the northern hemisphere, it marks the longest day, the ‘official’ start of summer. From when we know the days will warm..but will also shorten towards winter.  Whilst the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the longest darkest day but also the turning point towards summer.

Wherever you are, it is a beautiful celebration of the cycles and rhythms of our lives, dancing between light and dark, beginnings and endings, emptying and filling..

Here is my salute to the sun.


We wait

For you to come

And when we can’t

Bear it



To the darkness

You appear

Your gentle touch

Embodies hope

And brightness

In each ray

Ever so slowly

You rise


Your full embrace

Each cell in our bodies

Awaken with your

Warmth and energy

You give

All of yourself

Sometimes it’s

Just too much

And we retreat from your

Burning intensity

And power

To find shelter and


But you are careful

To lower your gaze

You soften

And leave a trail

Of lingering heat and


And when you

Eventually disappear

Your non-presence

Is felt

As you allow

Others to stir

and shine

Welcoming again

The mystery of the night

We can only close our eyes

And trust in

Your return

Before too long

I love this photo by David Monje on Unsplash

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Lizzie Leigh
5 months ago

Yes – paradox indeed. My morning reading took me to the importance of contradiction. Certainly have paradox here – dark glowering skies and thunder before celebrating at 3.33 this afternoon.