I joined the masses delighting in the Game of Thrones.

There are many reasons why it is so popular. The fantasy element being an obvious one.  It seems in this period, we are increasingly interested in the fantasy genre. Perhaps it is because we are consciously or subconsciously, drawn to mythology and folklore to help us make sense of our own reality, in challenging times.

Fantasy.  It entices us to liberate our minds.

What is your fantasy?

Such a question conjures up sexual or romantic connotations. And indeed when asked in the bedroom (or thereabouts) is guaranteed to create some transformation in a relationship.

It is also a question which can be taken to the boardroom (or thereabouts) to also create transformation.

Because it can urge us to be visionary in deciding our path and developing our products and services.  It can help us as leaders, coaches and coachees to stretch beyond our own self imposed limitations.

For it is provocative and intriguing.  It persuades us to release the shackles of our confines. And let go of our inhibitions and venture out of our comfort zones.  It encourages us to tap into another, perhaps hidden side of ourselves.  And taunts us to explore our darkness and our lightness.  It teases us to be playful and imaginative. And moves us to retain the magic and mystery in our lives.

When we ask the question, we do so knowing the risks involved. And offer our trust and good intent.

From such a place, we can be taken to a new place. A different world, a different way of inquiring. Of interacting and innovating.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


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