You want to serve people and planet.

Maybe you have the ideas and the willing, but are not sure where to start?

Or you are struggling to get momentum?  feeling isolated? disconnected? frustrated? inspired? ready to make a leap?

Join a nest at earthconverse.


Nests are facilitated small groups of 5-7 motivated beings who seek a nurturing environment to get traction on their sustainability idea and their own development. They therefore provide personal, professional and project growth opportunities. Through offering the structure, stimulus and support to let magic happen.  Harnessing the collective brilliance of the group with its diverse perspectives through expert facilitation and dialogue processes.

For activists, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in teams and organisations, who know they will flourish through:

  • New perspectives, support and challenge
  • Space to think, reflect, share and innovate
  • Expanded consciousness and conversational skills
  • The collective energy of trust and collaboration
  • A deeper connection with themselves, each other and the earth that is our home.


Nests are created on a rolling basis through this application form:

Please pass this on to those who you know will be interested.



* for those based in Mallorca nests run face-to-face

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