Not being the most technically competent person, I have this profound respect for the reset button. And I have even more respect for our own internal ones. The ones that we use to soothe ourselves in moments of anxiety. Those ones we use to self regulate under stress. Our own life rafts we use to navigate the wild seas of our lives. All those techniques and strategies we have learnt. Which remind us that we are resourceful and resilient.

Our reset buttons are as numerous and unique as we are individuals.  I love having conversations which enable us to share them.  And one of the beautiful things to already emerge from Covid19 is how people are sharing, more than ever, what works for them.

From the meditation cushion

It was a meditation teacher who first helped me consciously think about my reset button.

Anybody who has done the S.N.Goenka Vipassana meditation will know what I am talking about, when I say…

“Start again”.

“Start again with a calm and tranquil mind.

An alert and attentive mind

A balanced and equanimous mind”.

Part instruction, part inspiration, the phrase is delivered session after session, in his deep resonating voice. Slowly, deliberately, powerfully and playfully.

Designed to help us practise accessing the present, it reminds us that, in any moment, we can choose to reset.   There is always the opportunity to …start again.

Beginner’s mind

Goenka’s instruction draws from the teachings of the Buddha. The concept of ‘beginner’s mind’ encourages us to start afresh with whatever we face.  We learn to approach people and life’s events as if for the first time, without preconceived notions, assumptions and judgements.   We no longer operate from our automatic ways or react from what we know. Rather we lean into the openness and curiosity of the unknown.  We deal with what is in front of us. With the reality as it is.  As opposed to what has happened or not happened in the past.

Whether it be on the meditation cushion or in our daily lives, at any moment we can start again. Despite what has gone on before, what comfort or discomfort we experience we can reset.  Regardless of what thoughts or feelings we had, at any time we can choose to press the reset button. We then start again with new resolve, attitudes, behaviours and actions.

And when we find ourselves faulting or retreating back to our old ways, we reset. We gently forgive ourselves, open our hearts and start again.

From this starting point, we have 100% of our life left.

And that gives us plenty of options.



  • Dedicated to all my Vipassana friends who have inspired and supported my practice, particulary Andreina, Pamela, Paola, Debbie, Isacco and Rachael.
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