There has to be something said

For faking a meditation

Of course it has its pitfalls

There’s no substitute for the real thing

But it does have its pluses

Poised on the meditation cushion

Still, composed, eyes closed

Concentrated breathing

The motionlessness gives movement

For creativity to come into view

Relaxation and discipline

Carves a path-way

For problems to be solved

Ideas to be generated

Lists created

Things sorted and organised

And then you remember

You are here just to observe

Those thoughts coming and going

Not to follow them

But just to let them pass

Neither cling to nor reject

But to be aware and equanimous

With whatever arises

And then you remember

“Oh what inspiration”!’

“Yes, I will do that”

And perhaps just this once

You will delve into that clever notion

It is too brilliant, important, life-changing

To risk being lost in the moment

And then another sparks

“And that too will solve our issue”

“That will help my friend”

“My client will like that suggestion”

“Yes, I must do that”

“That will make a difference”

And then you remember

To come back to your breath

But you hold those ideas anyway

Ready for the bell to ring

The meditation session to be over

So you can leap up and jot down

All what you generated

And then you remember

That all this time

You may be mindful

Aware of what you are doing

But it is not meditating

At least, from one perspective

However, for today, it works

And you can try again next time

Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

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