It is that time of the year where we inevitably reflect on what we would like to manifest in our lives.  We can find ourselves being more open in defining and sharing what we really want.

Cutting to the chase, Sufi poet Hafiz writes,

Ask the Friend for love,

Ask Him again…

For I have found that every heart

will get what it prays for most

In just four lines he captures the dance of elements which help make things we want to happen, happen.  There is purposefulness and proactivity. A balance between grace and effort. And a combination of individual and collective energy.

Whether we wish to fulfil our deepest longing or honour our freshly minted new year’s resolution, it seems that we are most likely to succeed if:

  • We have a clear intent
  • And we act on it
  • With a call of support to powers beyond our own. Like Emerald North in episode 4 of the #earthconversepodcast said ‘I even call all angels.  And when I do, I am in my mind. Anything I can imagine and then I call everything I can’t imagine.  Unknown and Known. Felt and Unfelt. Seen and Unseen. Anything that is there, hey HELP!”

And then we surrender.



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