It is you.

No purchase necessary.

A google search of ‘a nature gift’ might be more than 1.7 million results. But yours are endless.

In this [insert your chosen adjectives here] year, may you take a moment or more to recognize your own giftedness.  A term I love to use at this festive time is sacred idleness – a dedicated stillness and slowing down for self-care and self-inquiry. Here is a posting on it.

So, in this time, gift yourself.

To know that you are nature.  You are part of it, and in it. There is nothing in or around you that isn’t of the same elements.  It just might be a spectrum from raw to processed.   We are connected.

We belong.  And are all indigenous to this earth.

To know that we can access wider nature, is incredibly comforting and inspiring in my view.  We may open the window and feel the breeze.   Honour the water we drink. Bless our food. And we can step outside. We may even be able to make snow hearts.

We can choose to see the reflection of our true nature in Mother Nature’s mirror.

On the #earthconversepodcast, we explore how we can deepen the connection with ourselves, others and the earth that is our home. The gifts that our contributors make are immense.  Tune in.  They will be sure to inspire your gifts of nature.


  • A huge thanks to the #earthconversepodcast contributors so far:  Emerald North, Tara Brach, Petra Lentz-Snow, Gemma Polo Pujol, Roy White, Katrien Deboutte, Christiane Frischmuth, Diana Bacanu, Ray Hillis, Jennifer Porter, Scot Deily, Jeannie Daly-Gunter, Lynda Alridge, Jim Marsden, Calvan Daniels, Malu, Tess and Lily, David Williams, Cori Wright Deily, B.Lorraine Smith, Susanne Haegele..not to mention all the people I have quoted.  And a huge thanks to all the listeners.
  • Photo thanks to Clay Banks on Unsplash
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