When I was training as a coach, we did this micro coaching session where we were challenged to come up with the ‘killer question’. Am not convinced about the word, but the sentiment and discipline is there. The possibility of listening deeply and being so present, perceptive and plucky, that you could ask a question to serve the other in a significant and transformational way.

Questions bring such potential. However some more than others can just hit the spot.

Indeed surely there has been a time in your life when someone asked you such a poignant question that it put you in a spin? unlocked the key? ‘unravelled the spaghetti in your head’? pulled you out of the sand and gave you a fresh bright outlook? or helped to see inside yourself as if for the very first time?

Some of the questions which did that to me were:

  • What is stopping you? What is really stopping you?
  • If history, money, time, politics, resources were not a factor, what would you do?
  • What will it take for you to step into your power?
  • If goals drive behaviour, what are your goals in putting yourself down?
  • What will it take for you to let go?
  • It is real, but is it true?
  • How are you serving life?

One question may not create ‘transformational shift’ but one question may.

If you had a question for yourself/your team what would it be?


  • Dedicated to those who have asked me ‘killer’ questions including JMac, JD, Jezza, JZ, Graham, PJH, Elle, Vicky, Ray, the tarantula, the rock…myself 
  • Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash
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