A little context

During my MBA, I boycotted classes for 3 days so I didn’t have to be there when a pharmaceutical company visited. And yet my first ‘coaching for performance’ workshop with Lane4 was for a pharmaceutical company. And when I first moved to Rome and became a freelancer, my first client? With the pharmaceutical industry.

Life is always inviting us into a more healthy courageous conversation.

My experience

And through collaborating with Innovaacom and founder Ornella Vicenzino, who is on a mission to improve communication in science, medicine and patient care, I got that opportunity. And delivered large conference presentations and workshops about emotional intelligence, leadership in medicine and strategic thinking for medical teams. Which gave me the chance to help physicians and pharmacists upskill to have more mindful and compassionate conversations with their patients and communities.

And throughout my leadership career I worked intensively with the UK National Health Service (NHS). Where I designed and delivered leadership programmmes, 1:1 executive coaching, coaching skills accreditation and action learning groups. And through Common Purpose, One Health and the United Nations, facilitated cross-sector health dialogue.

Now and the future

Alongside my own journey into wholeness, including perspectives gained through covid, I have become more courageous and clear. About where and how I can contribute to the health sector. Even calling it a sector isn’t right is it? – health is life! It is integral to all of us.  So I help leaders, teams and organizations have healthy conversations, with themselves, each other and the earth. By inviting them to take a whole systems, mindful and nature based approach – not only at a personal level but systemically, they widen their perspectives, resourcefulness and wholeness, for the health of all.

By the very nature of earthconverse, all offerings are founded in people and planetary wellbeing. Alongside coaching, facilitation, leadership programmes and nature connect experiences in Mallorca, these include:

And I continue to be open to collaborations. One such affiliation is with the lovely team at Mujer Cíclica (Cyclical Woman).  In expanding their english speaking community they offer this wonderful medicine woman online programme.

Any person, team, organization who wants to step into greater wholeness, please do get in touch.





Like many freelance consultants, the majority of my corporate leadership work has been as an associate or collaborator with a ´bigger entity´. Respecting that the case studies and client relationship belongs with them, it is also important for me (and my potential clients) to understand the contribution I have made and can make in service of #peopleandplanet. Hence this piece. I look forward to our conversation. 


Thanks Erol Ahmed for your photo on Unsplash

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