A little context

When I was doing my Postgratudate certificate in City Policy (Sustainability), I remember a truth. That just because something is technological feasible, does not mean it is socially, environmentally or economically acceptable.  Simply, just because we can, does not mean we should.  This continues to inform my view, and therefore my work with tech and telecoms in particular, who I have the fortune of working with. Inviting in a more holistic view.

Experience and examples

From global online webinars with Microsoft MBA graduates and senior Octo Telematics managers, to facilitating strategic retreats with leadership teams of Google Cloud and EURid, coaching 1:1s with Ericsson, coaching workshops for Oracle, and co-facilitating dialogue workshops for Telia, I now frame my work with leaders and teams in the tech and telecoms industry, as helping them tune into their own technology.  Themselves. That being, to support them to:

  • raise their self awareness
  • cultivate power through mindfulness and presence
  • listen to their intuition and wisdom
  • nurture their emotional intelligence and creativity
  • co-create through dialogue and coaching skills
  • bring joy into facilitating, managing, and leading people, particularly diverse multicultural teams

Certainly working with them, has inspired my own reflections which I offer back including through my leadershipblog such as:

A future vision

I have become increasingly focused on helping leaders and teams visualize the futures that they want.  This has included creating a bonus series to the Earth Converse Podcast, on future visualisations.   For this industry, I imagine it transformed to serve life, because the humans involved are deeply connected to their own integrated technology, their gut, their heart, their soul.  That technological solutions come from imaginations and processes grounded in a whole systems, mindful and nature-based approach. Where individuals, organisations and communities truly want to connect for the greater good and collective evolution of humanity and love of all interbeings.

I look forward to helping leaders and teams co-create in this way for people and planet.



Like many freelance consultants, the majority of my corporate leadership work has been as an associate or collaborator with a ´bigger entity´.  Respecting that the case studies and client relationship belongs with them, it is also important for me (and my potential clients) to understand the contribution I have made and can make in service of #peopleandplanet. Hence this piece. I am grateful for the opportunities of collaboration offered by Red Thread, Lane4, Impact International,  Enrica, Giovanni, Matteo, Guido, Stefano.   

And looking forward to our conversation. 

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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