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“If not you, who?. If not, now when?”  

This unique integrated leadership journey is for those enlightened executives who will emerge from COVID19 ready to step up in their sustainability vision and role.

Weaving rich elements, it is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, others and the wider natural world to take a fresh perspective on nature, diversity, leadership and collaboration. To consider the interrelationship of your own wellbeing and that of the planet.


  • heading 2For Leaders Who

    This journey will be for those enlightened executives who:

    • are transitioning into a sustainability role and know this is different from any other
    • are experienced sustainability professionals who sense a ‘beginner’s mind’ will serve them well
    • have the whisper or roaring in their ears that tells them their current way of being does not reflect their true nature
    • have learnt from COVID19 that they long to reconnect with themselves, others and the earth
    • want to be part of the global movement to protect and restore nature. To be part of ‘cleaning up the mess not making it’.
  • heading 1Potent Gains

    Embarking on an integrated journey, of deep nature-based immersion work, even if running parallel with current commitments, leaders will be moved to act in a profound way.  The transformational power is directly proportional to the individual undertaking it but there are potent gains to be had which include:

    • Ecological self: an embodied reconnection with yourself as a human being on this earth and what that means as an integrated leader.
    • Systemic awareness: a broader and deeper appreciation for complexity, and a new relationship with paradox.
    • Presence: a more intimate and expansive way of being with yourself, others and the world.
    • Collective momentum: being part of a committed network of conscious sustainable leaders.
  • heading 3Exploration Elements

    The journey will weave several elements of exploration:

    • Solo reflection: Learning new ways of self reflecting, questioning and listening. Through experiencing how to reconnect with nature, ‘take things to the land’, and self generate ceremonies.  And to know ‘how to put your oxygen mask on before helping others’.
    • Retreat: A 7 day immersive experience to reflect, rest, reset and regenerate. To sever what no longer serves and cross a new threshold. To engage in conscious practices such as rites of passage, fasting, solitude, exposure to nature, meditation and reflection,  night walks and campfire conversations to regenerate yourself and your mission.
    • Individual coaching: To deepen your work, you will have four 60 min coaching sessions paced as you like over the journey. You will find these critical for intention setting, sense making and integrating the learning.
    • Virtual collective: These will be a fundamental nurturing part of the journey as you share and connect. Two 90 minute webinars will facilitate the process of creating a self sustaining new community of leaders.
  • heading 5Lead Guide

    The Lead Guide will be Earth Converse Founder, Penelope Mavor.

    Penelope has over 25 years of working in sustainable development and leadership. She has worked with the leading experiential leadership organisations including:

    Furthermore she has trained and co-guided with the rites of passage organisation,


  • heading 6Contribution

    In addition to your time and energy, your contribution will be €3495 (excluding your own travel).

    If the prospect of this journey stirs something in you, please contact us directly or fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.

    At enrolment, we will ask you to pay in full immediately. If you wish to spread the fee over a number of months, we can come to an agreement, with no extra fees.

    Bursaries are available to enable a diverse range of leaders to join.

    For your peace of mind, we offer a 14 days full-refund cancellation period after enrolment

  • CalendarKey Dates

    With this deep work, people may need to work at differing paces.  To provide a balance between certainty and flexibility, we will set the coaching sessions and virtual group webinar dates in agreement with each other and fix the retreat dates.

    The earlier you enrol, the earlier you can embark on this learning journey and the more you will maximise the experience. You will certainly want a coaching session prior to the retreat.

    With Covid19 restrictions we are waiting to release dates.  Please contact us to register interest and we will contact you when dates are confirmed.

  • heading 8Your Next Step

      If you require an invoice, please provide your invoicing address
      If you have any disabilities or learning difficulties you wish to share, please do it here
      You will receive confirmation by email after submitting your form.

    Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash