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Trees are our integrated leadership programme journeys, grounded in context and involving rites of passage.

At their core is a retreat element to allow a real severance to happen, thresholds to be crossed and incorporation to occur. They are complemented and reinforced by solo work, virtual group sharing and ongoing practices.

The beauty of these, is of course the ‘unfolding’ as people go deeper into a connection with themselves and nature. And as they apply and integrate their learning into their daily lives and work. Resulting in widening circles of care.

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Because of our own roots in meditation, vision fasts and experiential leadership, we concentrate on offering simple profound practices for deepening connection and conversations in a felt way.  These include fasting, solitude, exposure to nature, meditation and contemplation, reflective and somatic exercises.

The two open journeys we offer, can be provided for intact teams.

Photo by Niko Photos on Unsplash