An opportunity to take a sacred pause, and consider wellbeing in a more expansive, deeper and integrated way than you may have considered before.  One that does not separate us from our planet and all the beings (and non-beings) in it.  But one that honours the ways in which you already innately care for yourself, those around you and the earth.  One that acknowledges our unlimited ways to reset, resource and regenerate ourselves and the planet.

The webinar is interactive and experiential.  It involves intentionally and ceremonially connecting with nature.  With ourselves and that which surrounds us. It asks for reflection, observation and sharing so we individually and collectively benefit.

A typical process:

The invitation is to have a reconnection hour with nature, ‘top and tailed’ with a collective conversation via Zoom.

Example timings:

  • 1 hour: Connecting virtually to set context, approach and share intentions
  • 1 hour: Individually experiencing ways with nature
  • 1 hour: Collectively sharing your insights and tips on creating individual and collective wellbeing.

If you would also like this for your team or organisation, please contact us

May all beings and non-beings be well.

Photo by Philippe Leone on Unsplash