What coaching conversations are you having about your own evolution as a conscious leader?

Earth Converse will stimulate the inner conversations you need to have. Through the focused attention of 1:1 leadership coaching.

Coaching will offer the moment for you to stop and reflect deeply.  You will unscramble the thoughts in your head. And will investigate your ways of being.  It will shine light on what is your true nature and what are old adopted strategies. You will look into your patterns of connection and disconnection. And grapple with paradox in your inner and outer worlds to expand perspectives. Ultimately you will be encouraged to access your own, often forgotten, wisdom. To emerge with greater clarity. About what you need to do, to become who you were born to be.

Leadership is an act of courage. Part of that courage is to know how to seek support and challenge through coaching conversations. To see yourself clearly in the system and be prepared to see yourself as part of nature. This is particularly so for leaders who are serious about sustainability with its complexities and challenges.  And for leaders who long to reveal their true inspirational nature.

For those leaders who specifically want to experience nature-based or eco-coaching, we offer it wholeheartedly.  We also provide vision fast coaching, which enables you to prepare for, maximise and integrate a vision fast experience, whether you undertake one on your own initiative or through a formal experience.