At Earth Converse we help you have the conversations you need to have.

To help you have those conversations, we offer you the 2021 coaching package.

If you are a leader committed to your growth and development, this is an opportunity to have valuable 1:1 time with an accredited and experienced executive coach. To help you reflect on the learnings from this period of your life. And to map out new ways forward.

It maybe that you:

need to focus on your own wellbeing – ‘to put your oxygen mask on before helping others’

have willingly taken redundancy but are feeling a bit rudderless

feel the burden of responsibility and need to put things in perspective

want to engage with ‘sustainability’ but really don’t know where to start

are transitioning into a new phase of your life

are curious to know what potential lies latent

are simply feeling stuck


The 2021 package at €3,000 each quarter includes:

1:1 attention

Up to weekly 60 minute calls

Coaching notes with resources as a follow up

A live coaching contract

Email support in between sessions where necessary


You will know we take a whole system, nature-based and mindful approach to our work.

Contact us here for an initial conversation.



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash