Are you prepared to visualize the futures you want?

On the wonderful Accidental Gods podcast episode recently with Manda Scott, the brave and humble Eva Schonveld shared how she was reluctant to say her individual vision (in this instance ‘what’s democracy going to look like?’). First of all “partly because I don’t know and partly if I do have fantasies about what it looks like, it is just me”. She went on to say “there is a role for inspiring visions, but much much more important is walking that path together”.

I agree…and I do think in order to be able to co-create collectively, we do need to activate our own incredible powers of creativity, imagination and truth — to listen to ourselves deeply — in order to be able to listen and create deeply with the collective. To bring our “cosmic love down to our toes” as Elisabet Sahtouris beautifully said in this conversation with Daniel Wahl. I do see it as our human gift and responsibility. And as Possible Futures dedicated to the Global South remind us, we need to do that embracing pluriversality to create a world in which many worlds, therefore many paths, fit.

Earth Converse and Me

Visualizations have became an important part of what I offer as Earth Converse. So much so, I created the bonus series on the Earth Converse Podcast #earthconversepodcast to help us step into life-affirming futures for ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home.

So far these include, future cities, planet earth, climate, a life-enhancing biosphere, industrial healing, communities, nature connectedness, awakened feminine, our own death, family..and the latest one is visualizing your future self. Have you listened in?

Vision Board

One way to start visioning is to literally create a visual representation of the intentions, goals and aspirations you wish to manifest. To create a vision board. Is this something you do?

We do it as part of our beautiful women’s group of which I belong. It is fun doing it together — like practicing how we can tune into our own dreams and longings — and share it with others who are fully present and willing to mirror back what they see. In doing so, we collectively see the themes and threads that weave us together.

So on the theme of practising my own visioning, and sharing it, here is my personal vision board for 2023.

In essence:

💚Bringing cosmic love down to my toes

🏞️ “The river flows from the mountain to the sea, I am the river, and the river is me” kia kaha Aotearoa

🌳Earth Converse focus where I believe I can have the biggest impact: working with CEOs and executive teams; and continuing to offer my work virtually and taking people to the land.

🎯Artemis focus: a wider view of health, being in a conscious partnership that contributes to healing, and giving attention to sharing the compelling stories from the human and non-human eco heroes, who are helping to advance consciousness.

💃🏻And my personal work — to continue to integrate the various parts of me, including the ageing woman and wise crone. I have plenty of soul animals to help me with this focus, and to remind me to use my intuition, my inner compass.

💜And at the centre of it all, fierce love — beautifully represented by an image from Autumn Skye

So that’s where I am at. Am very excited to have this as a living visual board breathing life into my day to day actions.

Would love to hear about yours if you are willing to share.

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