“People are hungry to tell their stories, and people are hungry to hear them.  Deep down we are all longing for a deeper connection and a flourishing planet.”

As founder of Earth Converse and the host of the #earthconversepodcast, I literally invite you to start chatting with the earth.

Too much of a stretch?

Give it a go.   Start tuning your ear to the earth. Everybody has their own story of a nature connection. It might just be about you reconnecting with that. For we are all nature and we are surrounded by it.

The podcast will help you, in both pragmatic and poetic ways.  It is a revolution of love.  Of ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home.

It’s a mix

Launched on Earth Day 2020, it is now an anthology of 50 episodes.  An eclectic mix of stories, perspectives and practices to help with your nature connection. From a 3 minute reflection on what a wise person once said, to 210 cumulative minutes with true elder Ray Hillis.  From 10-year-old Malu talking about her chicken, to Jean-Claude the Daoist chemical engineer and business leader, quoting Einstein and going out to nature for his board-meetings with his business partner to come up with creative solutions. And the people leading organisations and guiding people on rites of passage, vision quests, pilgrimages and the people they have inspired.  Including past executive directors of School of Lost Borders Emerald and Petra.  As well as Cocoon Weaver – Bill Plotkin, founder of Animas Valley Institute. 

Given the integrated nature of things, subjects are wide ranging.  Themes include self-awareness and ‘waking up’; listening to our intuition; restoring our natural balance; corporate disconnection; loneliness and belonging; transforming pain; going solo in nature; journeying into adulthood; reimagining ourselves and the planet, living and dying, naturing our mind as a political act and many more.

The hardest part has been which category to post the podcast in.  The nature of nature is that it is integrated.  Science, Nature, Environment, Climate Change, Relationships, Leadership, Health and Wellbeing? Which one to choose!

I settled on self-help.  Because it does start with ourselves.

It’s easy to find

Through anchor it is on all the major podcast platforms.  As well as the video version on the earthconverse youtube channel. 

Grab a journal, listen, go deep, spread the seeds, give us a rating, leave us a review, share your learnings and the podcast with others, tell it to the wind!

And in the meantime, go out and enjoy nature, one conversation at a time.

But wait there is more!

And as of August 2022, there is a bonus series – offering guided future visualizations.

To help us step into life-affirming futures for ourselves, each other and the earth that is our home.


  • Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash
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